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Club Fitting




 When one is going to make the kind of investment today in a quality set of golf clubs, we are pleased to be able to provide the expertise and time necessary to get the proper fit the first time and within your budget.

As much as we all would like to---we really can’t “buy the game” just by purchasing an expensive set of clubs. Golf is still very challenging even if your clubs are fitted perfectly! Unfortunately, many of us played just as well, or even better with our old clubs from ten years ago; that probably cost only half as much as our current high tech models.

We find the most common fitting errors include: most golfers irons need to have the lie angle adjusted more upright, the shafts in their current clubs are too stiff, the overall length in the Driver is too long and the grips have gotten worn or too slick and definitely need to be replaced.

Our experienced Staff of Golf Professionals(with over 35 years combined custom club fitting experience) is more than willing to schedule the 45 minutes to an hour, to check your current set for proper fit. Obviously, we’re willing to help "custom fit" you for a new club or set as desired.

Club Fitting Variables Our Professionals Address in Custom Club Fitting Session:

  • Lie
  • Loft
  • Shaft Material & Flex
  • Length
  • Grip Size & Type
  • Brand Options

Normal Charges for Custom Club Fitting:

$50 (usually 30-60 minutes) - Includes watching ball flight & minor suggestions on set-up and swing adjustments needed.
$2.00 each to check Loft and Lie on your current clubs.
$3.00 each to change Loft and Lie on your current clubs.

****We reserve the right NOT to bend some brands or types of clubs. Some brands or types of clubs we are unable to bend due too being too soft or unbendable due to being to hard (ie. cast or titanium)

No Charge - if purchases of new club(s) are made from Airport National within 7 days!

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