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Adult Schools

2019 Dates and Times

2019 Adult Group

Is this the year that you are going to begin learning to play golf or finally start your long overdue lesson improvement plan? These lessons are designed for golfers of all skill levels, and for sure, absolute beginners are always welcome!

The friendly and very experienced PGA Golf Instructors at Airport National Adult Golf School are aware of how challenging, that just learning or improving your golf game can be. All of the PGA Teaching Professinals have lots of patience & enthusiasm to help you learn to hit consistently better shots much more quickly!

All phases of the game will be covered starting with your grip and stance, while working on your short & medium irons, fairway woods to putting & definitely there will be a lot of emphasis on helping you start hitting longer and straighter tee shots with your Driver!! Each person will enjoy a lot of personal attention from our talented PGA Teaching Professionals as well, in this very affordable and popular small group Airport National Adult Golf School, while you are having fun & making some new friends!

Don't waste another season attempting to teach yourself, allowing one of your "wannabe golf pro friends" try to instruct you and definitely you want to avoid the possible frustration and anger of having your spouse tell you how to swing a golf club! Our now literally thousands of satisfied alumni golf students tell us it's a lot more fun to share this Adult Golf School with your spouse, some friends and/or colleagues!

Do the right thing, call the Pro Shop at 848-4500 or click here to sign up one or more online today!
Tuesdays & Thursdays, for 2 consecutive weeks

  • *Series 1: May 21st - May 30th (10am or 5:30pm class)
  • *Average student/instructor ratio is only 6:1

Total Fee $139.00 (over $300.00 value)*

*Includes: 4 lessons (range balls provided), 1 video analysis, 2 Free green fees, 2 Free medium range buckets, 2 Free mini golf rounds and an Instruction Notebook for you to record your important notes and key thoughts from your entire Adult Golf School!

3001 Wright Brothers Blvd
East Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
(319) 848-4500
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